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PE-505 Fully-Balanced Phono Amplifier

PE-505 Fully-Balanced Phono Amplifier

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The PE-505 employs a fully-balanced circuit design throughout all stages to amplify, equalize, and maintain signal purity of even the most extremely faint audio signals picked up by a turntable cartridge.

TEAC Reference500 Series 2000x1000 1

Pe 505 phono preamplifier left angle view

Fully-balanced circuit design

From the head amplifier to the equalizing amplifier sections to the buffer amplifier section on the final output stage; the PE-505 employs a fully-balanced circuit design throughout all stages that amplify, equalizes, and maintains signal purity of even the most extremely faint audio signals picked up by a cartridge.

Even an unbalanced signal on the conventional RCA input is converted to the differential processing mode right after the input terminals.

Pe 505 phono preamplifier rear

Equalizing circuit on the differential cartridge output

Absorbing errors on the balanced output, the differential output equalizing circuit delivers a more accurate audio signal. The differential output circuit that cross-multiplied the hot and cold outputs each other. As the result, both signals are equalized for a pure and natural audio signal delivery.

Pe 505 phono preamplifier riaa diagram

High-precision RIAA circuit

A newly developed NF-type equalizing amplifier achieves less than ±0.05dB of RIAA deviation.
(20Hz to 20kHz)

High Signal-to-Noise ratio

The PE-505 achieves 106dB on the RCA input*1, and 86dB on the XLR input*2, while the residual noise voltage reaches 10μV on the MM and 85μV on the MC*3 which are sophisticated.
*1 MM   *2 MC   *3 XLR input

High-precision OLD EQ curves

As well as the modern RIAA curve, individual curves on monaural records from DECCA and COLUMBIA issued before the RIAA curve was defined in 1955 are also supported.

Pe 505 phono preamplifier impedance meter

Versatile settings and unique measuring functions

The PE-505 equips switchable load capacity for MM cartridges and switchable load resistance for MC cartridges. Furthermore, the load-resistance measuring function allows users to select an appropriate load-resistance by pressing the MEASURE key on the front panel to show the total load-resistance value including cable resistance on the gauge.

Also, the Subsonic function shows subsonic signals less than 6Hz on the gauge, while the subsonic filter (17Hz, -24dB/octave) cuts unnecessary low frequency out of the hearing range.

DEMAG function to refresh the cartridges

With the quick demagnetize function, both magnetized iron cores of MC cartridges and the step-up transformer are demagnetized by playing back a vinyl record for as short as 30 seconds with the DEMAG position.


Amplifier sectionTotal harmonic distortion
(Rated output, 1kHz, GAIN Low)
RCA input (MM)
RCA input (MC)
XLR input (MC)
Residual noise volt
(Input short, GAIN low, IHF-A)
RCA input (MM)
RCA input (MC)
XLR input (MC)
S/N ratio
(Input short, Rated input, GAIN Low, IHF-A)
RCA input (MM)
XLR input (MC)
RIAA deviation (20Hz to 20kHz)
Channel separation
−90dB or higher (MM, 10kHz, GAIN Low)


RCA input (MM)
RCA input (MC)
XLR input (MC)

RCA input (MM)
RCA input (MC)
XLR input (MC)
Subsonic filter
17Hz, –24dB/octave
Phono input section

Unbalanced input
RCA Pin (MC/MM compatible) × 1 pair
Max input level
150mV (MM, THD 0.1%, GAIN Low)
16mV (MC, THD 0.1%, GAIN Low)
Input impedance*

47kΩ, Load-impedance: 0, 100, 220, 330pF
10, 22, 47, 100, 220, 470, 1kΩ
Balanced input
XLR (MC only) × 1 pair
Max input level
16mV (MC, THD 0.1%, GAIN Low)
Input impedance*

10, 22, 47, 100, 220, 470, 1kΩ * switchable from the Settings
Analog output section

Unbalanced output
RCA pin × 1 pair
Rated output level
Output impedance
Balanced output
XLR × 1 pair
Rated output level
Output impedance
Operating power

AC 120V, 50/60Hz
AC 230V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Overall dimensions(W × H × D)
290 × 84.5 × 252.5 mm / 11.4" × 3.3" × 9.9"
4.5kg / 10.0 lbs.
Included accessories
Power cord × 1, Cushions for foot × 3, Owner’s manual × 1

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